Monday, 2 March 2015

Make It Monday! Handspun Leg Warmers

Handspun Legwarmers, Picture credit: Instagram
I like to post pictures of inspirational things to make with, or ideas for handspun yarn. This week- Handspun legwarmers!

Spin up a quick and dirty bulky yarn, using as much glitter and rainbows as you like -  these babies are for YOU! Who cares if it is thick and thin, or too outrageously chunky for your Mother's knitting needles? We are looking for WARM and HAPPY yarn!

Measure around the widest part of your calf, and make a note. Knit or crochet a rectangle - as long as you want -  which should be slightly skinnier than your measurement, to take into account the natural stretch of knitted fabrics. Add a rib if you want at the bottom -  then cast off and sew into a tube.

Congratulations! You now own crazy beautiful happy legwarmers to wear while watching the latest episode of Better Call Saul while spinning more yarn for your next project. :-)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Unravel Knitting Festival 2015

Several times a year, I pack up my Spin City studio and head out in a big van to set up shop at knitting festivals around the UK, and last weekend I visited Unravel in Farnham for the first time!

Farnham is about a two- three hour drive away from me in Suffolk, which is one of the closest shows that I attend - usually my Mum and I (Karen) have the long haul up to Yorkshire or Wales, so I was excited to meet some of my more southernly customers in person!

It is a lovely little festival, with a great mix of exhibitors, spread over several floors in interesting, old rooms that used to be a Maltings factory in the Victorian era. The show organisers welcomed us warmly and made us both feel at home. After a quick cuppa it was straight down to work setting up our stall ready for opening the next day!

My stall at Unravel!
We were housed in the Tindle Studio with other sellers such as Sincerely Louise, Plant Dyed Wool, Belinda Harris-Reed and Easy Knits, so as you can imagine we were really busy all day!

I took my drop spindles, fiber batts, hand dyed rovings, blended rovings and hand spun yarns with me, as well as my trusty vintage dresser! It always makes my stand feel more like home- I used to have it as furniture in my kitchen!

Teaching drop spinning
 Mum and I taught spindle spinning to anyone who was interested in learning, and it always makes me feel happy to know that I could have helped start a new passion in someone!

This was my best show ever - I pretty much sold out of spindles and certain colourways by the middle of Sunday! Thank you to everyone who came and found my stall - it's so nice to meet you in person. On that note- did you all notice Bruce the cat walking around?! He came and visted me most days, and here we are having a little cuddle after the crowds left on Saturday night. Bruce lives across the road and comes to work with his mum who works as the receptionist at the Maltings!
Bruce the cat!

I also met up with Sarah from Crafts From the Cwtch, Wink from A Creative Being, Joanne from Not So Granny, and Corrie from Plutionium Muffins for a good old Pizza and chinwag on Saturday night which was just lovely. We laughed and schemed and shared projects and ate lots of Pizza, and I came away feeling like I had made great new friends.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Make it Monday - Handspun Beads!

I thought I would start sharing inspiration for handspun yarns and other crafty things to make! 
First up- handspun beads for unique jewelry. 
Do you always feel protective over your gorgeously spun yarn and never know what to do with it? Well these beads are the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve! 
I think any handspun will work,but a fairly solid corespun yarn would work best. 
All you do is wrap your yarn around a former (such as a metal coil, wooden bead or even some card glued around a knitting needle for shape) liberally adding glue to the underside- and voila! You have yourself some crazy pretty beads to use as you wish.